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Andrea's World: Lugz Gypsum Review and GIVEAWAY!!

 It's that time again folks! No, it's not bedtime, or dinnertime, but time for me to share another great giveaway I've come across. I've become a huge fan of Andrea's World & this just happens to be yet another awesome review & giveaway she has going on right now.

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Best of luck! 

By now, most of you probably know about my love/hate relationship with shoes. I love the way they look, but hate the way they feel with a passion.

If shoes were not so cute, I would probably go barefoot all the time. That is why I always have to pick the cutest styles to justify me wearing them.

That is why I love Lugz so much. All of their styles are fabulous. I love that they have something for everyone. Men, Women and Kids can all look stylish and still be comfortable.

I love all of the Lugz styles, even the Mens ones. As a matter of fact, the pair I just got for myself is actually a Mens pair.

I chose the Gypsum Sneakers in Red/White, and I love them.

Everything about these sneakers is perfect.

I love the shape. They are not too low cut, but not quite hi tops either.

They fit super comfortable on my ankles, and do not run or feel restricting at all. The width is perfect too. My fit are a little wide, and I think since these are Mens shoes, they are wider than a Womens pair would be.

They are so cushiony and give great support.  The do not restrict or bind at all, and are so much more comfortable than like every other sneaker I own. I actually enjoy wearing them, which is so rare for me.

The textured material is really cool. I love that they are not the standard leather or suede type shoes, and they are not just a cloth like fabric either. They are thick and tough but look really unique.

The white accents on these shoes really put them over the top. I love the contrast of colors. Having the white on the stitching, soles, heels and laces makes these really stand out.

The bold, red color all make these shoes POP! I love the way that these can brighten up any outfit or totally compliment any red clothes or accessories. 

I wore these with a red shirt, and I think it looked really cute.

Me and my shadow(lol, she always wants to be with Mommy)

These sneakers look so good with jeans. So much better than the black shoes I normally wear. 

I used to shy away from brighter colors for some reason and stay to mostly neutrals, but I love these, and I am dying to get them in a couple other colors too. They com in 9 colors(patterns). I love the Camo ones, and even the yellow ones are awesome.

I love that there are so many choices. The brighter colors are so perfect for Spring. So fun and uplifting.

They are so durable too. These are shoes that you can really put to work without worrying about them getting scuffed or damaged. They hold their own, That's for sure. I bet they will still look like new even 6 months from now.

I have to get a pair of these for my husband too, because he is totally jealous. He loves his Allerton Hi Tops Sneakers, and he wants the Gypsums too. So I guess we will be buying these again really soon.

If you are planning(or even not planning) to get new shoes for Spring or for any time. I HIGHLY suggest getting a pair of Gypsums or any other fantastic Lugz Style. Comfort, Style, originality, Durability, what more could you want in a sneaker?

How about free? Because Lugz has been generous enough to offer all of you an awesome giveaway. One lucky winner will receive a pair of Red Gypsum Sneakers. Enter Below. Good luck.

*Although I received these at no cost to facilitate a review, all opinions are 100% my own*

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