Friday, December 7, 2012

Speedy Supper: Pot Roast Sammies

In a rush for dinner & no clue what to make? Well, with just a handful of items, you'll have your belly full in no time.

Necessity #1: Pot Roast. I've gotten in the habit of sticking my leftover roast (made with carrots, celery, onion & potatoes) in the freezer, just for these sandwiches. If you're like me & rarely have leftover potatoes, that's perfectly fine.

Start by buttering & toasting both sides of your bread on a griddle. I had a bag of wheat open, but really any kind will do.

Top one side with some roast (make sure your veggies are cut up & meat is shredded) & the other side about an onion ring? Yea, an onion ring. Just because I happened to have some & it sounded good. Your call on that one though, although I do recommend it.

Show me the cheddar!

Well look at that! We made a sammich.

The perfect side, a baked potato.

Scrub & pierce your potatoes. Place on a microwave safe plate. Spray with cooking spray & then give a sprinkling of seasoned salt. Wrap with plastic wrap & microwave till done.

If you happen to prep everything you need for salads like I usually do, you can whip up one in practically no time as another side.

Now you can eat & run. But not actually eat & run, you might get a cramp.