Tuesday, December 11, 2012

BBQ Pulled Pork Stack Recipe & Crock-Pot Seasoning Mixes

It's dinner time!

This is my BBQ Pulled Pork Stack. Super simple to make, filling & delicious. Don't worry, I'll be sharing my recipes later (yes, recipes) to make this. Oh & just as an FYI: this picture doesn't do it justice.

First, let's talk about the pork. Usually I just cook my pork loin in the crock-pot with some basic seasonings & then add some BBQ sauce at the end. It's good, but not great. But the pork I made tonight, wow! Even my kids asked for seconds (usually they don't when I make it). And my picky eater asked for thirds (unheard of!). So what was so special about it? I used a Crock-Pot Seasoning Mix.

I'm a member of Smiley360 & one of my latest missions was for Crock-Pot Seasoning Mixes. I received Pot Roast, Beef Stew & BBQ Pulled Pork. All of which were way better than I expected! Just place your meat (& usually veggies) in your crock-pot. Take your seasoning mix, add a few (if that) ingredients & pour over top. Cover & cook. And let's not forget the taste, so savory! Usually my BBQ pulled pork ends up being weighed down by the BBQ sauce. But using my Crock-Pot Seasoning Mix, it had a nice smoky flavor while still being able to taste the pork. Delicious.

Now, on to the BBQ Pulled Pork Stack...

Start with some toasted bread. I made a loaf of Sally Lunn in my bread machine for this. Any will do though. (Recipe to follow).

Top with BBQ Pulled Pork...

Then mashed potatoes...

And then the shredded cheddar!

Next is coleslaw. I made Creamy Coleslaw from Betty Crocker (my fave).

And lastly, an onion ring. I thought about making some beer battered onion rings, but I had plenty of things on my counter already. Good thing I had some frozen ones left still (seeing as how I love to randomly top things with onion rings).

And it's done! It sounds & looks odd, I know. But the flavors blend together so wonderfully. Hope you enjoy it!

Sally Lunn Bread (made in a bread machine):

*1.5 lb. recipe

1 egg plus enough water to equal 1C. plus 2 Tbsp.
1 tsp. salt
1 Tbsp & 1 tsp. sugar
1/4C. & 2 Tbsp softened butter
3C. bread flour
1 tsp. bread machine yeast

Place all ingredients in bread machine pan in the order recommended by manufacturer.

Select Basic/White cycle. Use Medium or Light crust color. Do not use delay cycles. Remove baked bread from pan, & cool on wire rack.

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  1. Well, sounds good, although I am a "don't mix foods" kinda girl! Great review of the Crockpot Seasonings, I am going to have to try those! My pulled pork is never fantastic either!