Thursday, December 20, 2012

Genius Moment: Cutting Glass

I'm slightly addicted to Pinterest. One day I came across a pin for cutting glass with only yarn, nail polish remover & a lighter. I quickly re-pinned it & then followed through to view the actual post. I read it & it sounded super easy. This was months ago.

This past week I decided to do it. I grabbed my empty Perrier bottle which had been sitting on my kitchen counter for almost equally as long. I grabbed my supplies & filled the sink with cold water. I tried my best to get my yarn to stay where I wanted it to & tied a couple knots in it to help it. Then I soaked the yarn in some nail polish remover (with acetone, an important detail.) Re-positioned the yarn on my bottle & grabbed the lighter. I quickly turned the bottle on its side & began to spin it.

This is when my hubby walked over asking me what on earth I was doing. I told him & he just laughed, telling me I didn't want to do that. I instantly got a little scared, mind you, I was still spinning my burning bottle.

This is where re-reading the directions would have been a great idea, I thought to myself. I took a deep breath & rushed my bottle into the sink full of cold water & looked away. There were two loud pops & this is what I had.

The piece I had wanted off had actually broken off where I wanted it to. As well as shortly above for some reason (hence the two pops I heard). My edge is a bit jagged, no doubt from the knots I had tied in my yarn. But no big deal (there'll be more times to perfect it.) I grabbed my sandpaper & carefully started to sand the edge to help take away any sharpness.

I didn't have any flowers to put in it, so I opted for a few glass ball ornaments instead. With my lighted garland nearby on my entertainment center, it provides a great glow. 

Now, I had planned to link you all to the post I had originally seen this on. BUT, the pin had been reported as spam. Upon further investigation, the blog itself has been set to invitation only. So here are my best directions from memory, that weren't too shabby if I must say myself. (Which I must, we all know that.)

glass bottle or jar
acetone nail polish remover
sink of COLD water

-Thoroughly clean & dry bottle (remove any stickers)
-Place yarn at desired point & wrap around a few times (you may need to secure)
-Remove yarn & THOROUGHLY soak in nail polish remover
-Replace yarn on glass
-Take lighter & light yarn
-Turn glass sideways & spin (Use your best judgement call on how many times to spin your glass based on the thickness.*This is the only part I can't seem to remember specifics so please use caution*)
-Plunge glass in cold water
-Sand your edges

*It was stated that some glass may crack or not break properly. It's all about experimentation. But I can vouch for a Perrier bottle. 

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