Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Cookies

Now I know that there are not 12 days until Christmas. But my procrastinating nature along with things out of my control kind of shortens it. So far I have 2 out my 12 complete. Not too bad. Oh wait, did I mention that ideally I need to have everything done by Thursday night? Make note that it's now Tuesday night, so that's...2 days! I better get busy!

Courtesy of Betty Crocker

Courtesy of Betty Crocker
This year I got Strawberry-Rhubarb & Peach Jams to use for these. But my favorite will always be Apricot Jam!

To make them minty, just add some crushed Andes mints. Delish!

Just top with a Hershey Kiss! *muah*

Courtesy of Ann Clark Ltd.
* with Frosting

*minus the nuts

12. Rum Balls
This recipe calls for chocolate wafer cookies, but I substitute Nilla wafers & some cocoa powder. I also do not measure the rum. Which often results in adding more Nilla wafers, followed by more powdered sugar & then probably more rum. 
Regardless of how much of whatever ingredient you put in, you just want to be able to roll it in a ball & then roll it in powdered sugar.
Oh & fair warning, 2 of these & you will smell like a lush!


  1. I'm so excited to start baking for christmas, these are some great recipes :)

    1. Thanks! Can you tell my Betty Crocker cookbook is my main go-to? LOL