Monday, May 12, 2014

Work It Wednesday: A SAHM's Guide to Working Out

You know how it goes, you wake up, vowing to get that killer workout in. Next thing you know, it's 8:00 PM & you're exhausted. I know it sounds cliché, but working out can actually make you more energized. But yea, you're a SAHM so you would have the time when? Whenever you can is the answer. (Trust me, I know how it goes.)

My (current) daily workouts vary from 20 min. to 1 hr. But I break them down & get them done whenever I can. I also try to do the same things, but keep them completely different at the same time. (Makes total sense, I know.)

Photo credit: 30 Day Fitness Challenges

I'm pretty big on these 30 Day Fitness Challenges right now (my current is an Easy Squat Challenge). They don't have to be done all at once, so if you have to break them up, just keep track of how many you've done. I find myself doing them when I get 5-10 min. to watch TV or when I'm waiting for the school bus. 

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I have to say that I have quite the variety of workout DVD's & I try to do one most days. I decide which one to do, by figuring out how much time I realistically have. I try to get one in that's at least 30 min., but if I can tell I'll have to stop a million times, I go for a 10 min. one instead. 

So what else rounds out my daily workout? At least one youtube video of Dance Fitness with Jessica, crunches, push-ups, planking, wall sits, free weights to help build upper body & yoga. I know it seems like a lot & it feels like it when it takes me all day to do it, but when you take into account the amount of time actually spent, it's perfect. Add in the amount of time you spend chasing kids, cleaning the house multiple times a day (especially when it comes to vacuuming & mopping) & going up the same flight of steps a million times...who needs a gym?! You've got this working out thing covered! 


  1. That is a lot of squats. I would get so bored with them.

  2. I like doing squats, but I like to do squats and then switch to arms and go back & forth until I get my entire amount of squats in.