Friday, May 23, 2014

Think It Thursday: Chasing Your Dreams

I'm guilty of dreaming. Both complete fantasy (I highly doubt I'm ever going to get the chance to hang out with Channing Tatum, star in an episode of Grey's Anatomy or bake French pastries with Blake Lively) & slightly more realistic (I just might start my own business, get the body I want & buy a few pairs of Louboutin's). Of course there's a million reasons as to why my fantasy dreams would never come true (anti-stalking laws for starters), but what's stopping my realistic dreams from coming true? Nothing. 

Photo credit: Learn It Live Blog

With a lot of hard work, precise planning & ambition, realistic dreams could turn into reality. But it's not going to happen overnight & it's not going to present itself to you in a neat little package. You have to make it happen. You have to never give up. You have to chase your dreams.




  1. Absolutely! All you can do is try, and sometimes try and try again! But you'll never cross the finish line if you don't step across the start.

  2. A dream wont happen unless you act upon it. How bad do you want it?

  3. Thanks for the motivation. There is no reason why our slightly realistic dreams can come's like Tara mentioned...'how bad do you want it.' Me personally, I have to stop procrastinating ...putting things off...and making excuses.