Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Think It Thursday: Kindergarten or Preschool?

It happened. Damien has been registered for kindergarten. But I have to admit that I'm more indecisive as ever.

The cut-off is September 30th, all children need to be 5 by then. Damien turns 5 September 17th. He's currently in the IEP class for some speech issues, but his teacher has said that academically, he's ready. But she also said that there's a maturity issue for boys & she even held her own son back a year before starting kindergarten. So Damien could either go to kindergarten, or have another year of preschool. 

I don't want to decide now, I actually have until about 2 weeks before the start of the new school year. My fear is that if I hold him back like everyone suggests, that he'll get bored with the preschool lessons & focus on the "play" aspect more. But I don't want to push him if he's not entirely ready either.

Of course Damien is a completely different child at school than he is at home, so his maturity may not be an issue as far as schooling goes. After all, I do hate it when kids automatically get categorized (except for two year olds, they really can be terrible). 

What would you do if you were me? I'm open to any thoughts & suggestions. 


  1. This is a tough desicion. My son was born in July and was ready smart wise but not mature, he did just fine.

  2. This is really hard. My kiddo has a birthday a day later but here the cutoff is the 15th of September so the decision was made for me. I think it was better she was older rather than younger, but I think it depends on the child. I know I am no help :)