Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Work It Wednesday: Be Sun Smart With These 5 Tips!

With warm weather officially here, my family has been spending time outdoors as much as possible. But even though the sun may not always be blazing down on us, that doesn't mean that precautionary measures shouldn't be taken. And that goes for us parents too.

•First things first, be sure to check the UV Index for your area & try to avoid the outdoors when it's at it's highest. (Generally between 10AM-2PM.)

•Don't forget the sunscreen! We never let our kids go out with anything less than an SPF50, so why should we go out with anything less than an SPF30? Just be sure to choose a waterproof formula because chances are that if we're outside, we're working up a sweat! (Don't forget to reapply as needed too.)

•Hat's on! Sure a baseball cap will help block some of the rays from your face, but what about your ears & neck? If you have a bucket hat or one with a wide brim, wear that instead. 

•Grab those shades! I almost always wear sunglasses when I'm outside. If not, I'd be squinting like crazy to block out the glare. 

•Protect your pucker & use a lip balm with added SPF. I know this is something that most people never think of, I was one of them myself. Until the day I got sunburnt on my lips. Um...ouch! Now I make it a point to always wear it when I go out during the day whether it's summertime or not. 


  1. Great tips Melissa. I wear sunscreen and sunglasses, but often forget to wear lip balm with SPF so thanks for the reminder, I'll pick some up today while shopping.

  2. I always wear sunscreen..and always carry it around with me. I do a lot of bike riding in the summertime and I've also started using the lip balm with SPF because I'm paranoid about my lips. I'd never thought in a million years I would be using a product like that.

    This is the second time this week I've read or have been told to wear sunglasses...maybe I should look into this...