Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fun Friday: DIY Seed Starter Containers

When it comes to planting a garden, I prefer to start them indoors from seeds. Sure it's a lot more work than buying some plants & plopping them in the ground, but it's definitely more rewarding to start from seeds. 

One of the dilemmas I'm constantly facing, is where to keep them. I've tried the big flats, but those have to be kept outside - where the squirrel ninjas live. So inside it is, but I'm limited on where I can keep them because of the kids. Basically my only option is a very long, but very thin, shelf under an equally long kitchen window. Which means that my creativity had to kick into high gear to find a solution that would work. 

I made the DIY Cookie Basket {made from a paper plate!} that I've seen on facebook a million times, to hold two sections from a cardboard egg carton. With some waxed paper & aluminum foil to help contain the water. The best part though is that they fit perfectly on my shelf! Now if only the shelf was longer...


  1. This is a great idea. I have heard you can use k-cups too for starters

  2. Terrific idea! I have always wanted to do this!