Saturday, February 22, 2014

Think It Thursday: I'm Going to Vermont!

I have been holding this in for what seems like forever. But now that it's getting fairly close (as in 2 months from now), it's time I share some exciting news. I'm going to Vermont!

OK, for some of you, that may sound rather boring. But for some reason, I've always been drawn to the New England states (although I've never visited them before.) So when I was offered the chance to do a review of a new retreat business called Perfect Vermont, I jumped at the chance. Better yet, it falls on my anniversary weekend! 

Pittsfield, Vermont is located on the edge of the Green Mountains & has made a name for itself in the fitness community. 

Some of their programs include...

Hiking and Yoga: Perfect Vermont is excited to bring you a new way to enjoy the beauty of Riverside Farm in Pittsfield, Vermont.  Get unplugged and experience true relaxation during a weekend of hiking, yoga and local organic food.  We have an expert staff who will ensure you leave feeling stronger, healthier and revitalized.

Elite Endurance:  Train with Peak Races top athletes including previous Death Race winners, while improving knowledge of endurance training during this high tempo course.  Spend the weekend running, cycling or mountain biking the back country of Vermont’s Green Mountains.  Instructors will lead group discussions, tours and fitness sessions.  This intensive course has been developed for dedicated endurance athletes.

Weight Loss: Equip yourself with the knowledge to live a healthier lifestyle.  Instructors will lead informational discussions, tours and fitness sessions.  This course has been designed to assist in planning your healthy weight loss. 

Don't worry, I'll fill you all in on more details as the date approaches.

Stay tuned!

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