Thursday, February 27, 2014

Think It Thursday: Being Supermom

Let me start by saying that this post is not what you think it is. I get called Supermom quite a bit. Just like millions of other moms. But let's be realistic here. I'm not. Sure I may look totally awesome with my yoga, crafts, delicious meals, cute pictures of my kids across social media, blogging, clean house & what not; but let's not fool anyone.

I'm currently writing (yes with a pen and paper) this in the bathtub. Why? Because it's the only time I can have enough quiet to think clearly. Well, most of the time. I'm surprised no one has come banging on the door to tell me they have to poop.

I still have my yoga to do for the day too. I got this crazy idea to do #yogaeverydamnday & times like this I would like to take it all back. No way will I want to practice my forearm stands or crow pose after relaxing soaking in the bathtub. But that's OK, I have the perfect pose.

No doubt I'll have to share it on social media (Instagram, actually), just like the adorable video of Hayden weeding through the clothes in her closet I posted on Facebook earlier. But we'll leave the rest of the days highlights undocumented. At least in pictures. Hayden gave Paige a bloody nose by jumping on her face while she was laying down. Damien decided to look out the window to see the snow, except he wasn't wearing pants (or underwear). And of course there were countless meltdowns over...I don't even know. 

Oh but I did share a photo on Instagram of the craft project I plan on doing for my Fun Friday post tomorrow. It's a pretty simple one (I hope). But I'm sure I'll get sidetracked 21556565232 times & squeeze it in last minute. But that's OK, it'll finally get done. Have I mentioned that it's been on my to-do list for months? (Really, it has.) I also have to bake cookies with the dough that's been in the refrigerator for a whole day now. If I don't make them soon, I might as well grab a spoon & pop in The Notebook. Or Pretty Woman, that's a good one too. 

I guess dinner will have to be on the healthy side tomorrow after all of those cookies (I'll probably eat at least half a dozen while baking/decorating them). But that's alright, because I actually enjoy making dinner. Rarely do I make things out of a box (except for brownies, but they don't count). Maybe I can even manage to get the house all dusted & swept before dinner too. It took me forever to finally get it all cleaned up, so now we're in the maintenance mode. 

Who knows what else I'll be able to do tomorrow. I might read a chapter out of the book I've been reading, remember that it's my FIL's birthday & send him a text (mental note), finish painting my toenails, brush my hair, eat lunch sitting down & stay up after 10:00 pm. The possibilities are endless when you're a Supermom!

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