Thursday, September 5, 2013

Think It Thursday: A Mother's Job Is Never Done

"Go ask Mom", "I'm telling Mom", "MOM!".

Every. Single. Day. You may be done with the dishes & the laundry, but there's always some little person that needs something or wants something. There's no clocking out & being done for the day. There's definitely no breaks. Getting to sit down & eat is like winning the lottery. Well, maybe not the lottery exactly, but pretty close to it. It sounds like a lot & most of the time it is. Definitely the hardest job with the longest hours (I would say 18 years, but it surpasses that). 

But, it is the most rewarding job ever. Not to mention it pays in hugs, kisses & snuggles! 

Damien, Paige & Hayden

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