Friday, September 6, 2013

Fun Friday: Friendship Bracelets

My oldest is getting to be pretty crafty. But with craftiness comes supplies. And I've been trying to teach her about the importance of money & making wise shopping choices, so she's been having to spend the majority of her own money to get new crafting supplies. So while we were wandering through the craft section at WalMart (I know, not everyone's favorite, but where I live it's the closest store that doesn't take 35 minutes to get to for a couple bucks worth of crafts), something caught my eye. Embroidery floss!

Yes, I went back to my childhood & attempted to show my daughter how to make a friendship bracelet. Unfortunately, it didn't all come back until the last two color blocks. (Knotting one color around the others five times) But she gets the hang of it, I think. And at only $0.30 a piece she can make quite the collection for herself & her BFF!

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