Thursday, November 8, 2012

Be Thankful for Smartfood

It's that time of year. Halloween has passed & so has half of the candy you volunteered to try. (For quality measures, of course.) Next up, Thanksgiving. Where the turkey isn't the only thing to get stuffed. So now it's a time to eat a bit better. A salad for dinner, baked vs. fried...& Smartfood Selects. 

I know you remember me mentioning I'm a BzzAgent once or twice (or more). Well, one of my latest BzzCampaigns was for Smartfood Selects.

"With SMARTFOOD® Selects snacks, we've spiced things up (literally) with SMART combinations of REAL herbs and spices. So what exactly is a SMART combination, you ask? Well, it's the careful pairing of select ingredients to create perfectly complementary, unforgettably delicious flavors.

Yes, you could say we've been having a lot of fun playing with our food. Our hummus and multigrain popped chips are bursting with flavor, and our puffed corn snacks will melt in your mouth. Try them all and discover new SMARTFOOD® brand favorites!

Talk about delicious! & they weren't lying, the puffed corn really does melt in your mouth! I got to try:

Sour Cream Onion Puffed Corn
"Sour cream and onion work so well together because the cooling effect of sour cream balances the up-front, tangy flavor of onion. We've added a tasteful touch of herbs to complement this classic, popular flavor combination."

This was the family favorite. (Mostly because it is a very popular flavor in our house.) 

Garlic Tomato Basil Hummus Popped Chips
"By roasting the garlic in this hummus-based popped chip, we've caramelized its natural sugars to give it a sweet flavor. Parmesan, tomato, basil, and thyme complement the garlic in this scrumptious, smart combination."

I loved this! I'm a huge fan of Tomato Basil Soup & that is exactly what every bite reminded me of.

Cinnamon Brown Sugar Multigrain Popped Chips

"This flavor is twice as nice. We start with a naturally sweet blend of grains in our multigrain chips, and then top them with cinnamon and brown sugar for a delightfully sweet treat."

These were comparable to French Toast! I'm serious! French Toast in a multigrain chip. Pure genius if you ask me.

Bold flavors delivering a mouth watering sensation in each healthy bite. Ranging from popcorn (granola popcorn included) to popped chips (including hummus). There's something for everyone. & you can find out which retailers carry Smartfood Selects here

Be Smart & get your snack on with Smartfood Selects!

Check out all the varieties of flavors at 

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