Monday, November 19, 2012

No Sew Pumpkins

Every fall I sort through clothes. Not only to store the now no longer needed season, but also to get rid of anything that might not fit anymore. Or that I simply just don't want. I had a few sweaters that went into that category this year.

Usually everything goes straight into the donate pile. But I like to re-purpose things. That's when Pinterest popped into my head. I had seen quite a few No Sew Pumpkin pins, so I decided to look into a few a bit more. All had different methods, but the basic concept was the same. Take a sweater, make it look like a pumpkin.

I honestly wasn't sure of how it was going to turn out, so I didn't take step by step pictures. But it's super easy to follow just from reading.
  • Cut your sweater across right below the arms
  • Turn inside out
  • Secure one end with a rubber band or yarn
  • Flip right side out
  • Stuff (I used pillow stuffing)
  • Seal your open end minus a small section in the middle with hot glue (this was the trickiest part for me)
  • Take yarn or a string of some sorts & wrap it around to make it appear more pumpkin-like
  • Secure at the bottom
  • Find something stem-like & secure in opening on top of pumpkin with hot glue (I used a bit of unrolled brown raffia paper)
  • Find something leaf-like & hot glue around stem. This will also cover any not so good looking parts. (Leaf-like? I used actual leaves from the yard.)
  • Stand back & admire your craftiness

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