Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day!!!

(This is an old pic of Paige & I, but please completely ignore me as I loathe getting my picture taken.)
Today is bittersweet being Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day. Although it is so wonderful to be taking such large strides in the KD community, it is still an awful way for so many people to connect. But we connect on a different level emotionally. We can all relate, no matter how different the case. We know the dreaded fear of echo-cardiogram results. We know the feeling of helplessness.

But now we have a day to feel like we are making progress. Getting more people informed about this somewhat rare autoimmune disease. We are connected all over the country & all over the world. Today is the day that we celebrate the trials & tribulations, victories & happy endings of our children. We also pay honor to those still courageously fighting & those who have lost their battle. Today we stand as one. A loud & informative voice echoing from within.

Please educate yourself as best as you can. You never know when your insightfulness could benefit your family or those of someone you know.
(Paige getting an echo-cardiogram in '09.)

Helpful links:

To purchase merchandise & have funds donated to the "Aid for a Test" diagnostic fund sponsored by The Faces of Kawasaki Disease

For support & information
Also on Facebook

More information
& for my Canada friends

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