Monday, January 23, 2012

Yummy In My Tummy!!!

Upon one of my many pinning adventures, I came across a link for bacon waffles. You may think it sounds odd, but don't you always eat bacon with your waffles? Wouldn't it just be much easier to have your bacon IN your waffles? My mouth instantly started to water & I wanted one right away. But with no bacon in the house, it would have to wait.

After my visit to the store several days later to get some bacon (& lots of other things) I was ready! But when I clicked on the link, I was upset that the site it led me to didn't have a recipe for it. Oh well, it's a bacon waffle, how hard could it be? The answer, not hard at all.

I started by cooking 1 package of bacon in the oven (no constant babysitting & an easier clean-up). Then I prepared my waffle mix while my waffle iron was heating. I made mine from scratch, courtesy of my Betty Crocker cookbook, but Bisquick would work too. When my bacon was nice & crispy, I soaked up the grease on a paper towel lined plate & then crumbled it. Next was assembly. Simply prepare your waffle as you normally would, except sprinkle your desired amount of bacon on top before closing the lid. After what seemed like an eternity for the waffle to cook (really the 4-5 minutes mine usually take), they were ready. Top with butter & syrup & it's ready to be devoured.

& that it was!!! So now I have a new favorite breakfast food, a new blog post with a recipe for others & a picture of my own to pin! :) Maybe next time I'll serve it on a bed of scrambled eggs...

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