Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just Keep Pinning!

So, I just had to blog about my newest obsession....Pinterest.

I absolutely love it & cannot get enough! So far I want to...Make enough art & take enough pictures to decorate 10 homes (or more). Cook enough recipes to last my family a few years (or more). Make endless crafts with my kids (& quite possibly their kids). Do enough shopping that I won't repeat an outfit for a year (I think I'll need another home to use as a closet.) And I'm sure countless other ideas as my pinning days progress.

Pinterest, (just in case you don't know) is a virtual pin board. Basically you take content from anywhere online, pin it, & place it onto your perspective board. You categorize your boards however you like & can add as many as you desire. So basically, it's just an organized way to bookmark. But you can also look to see what other people have pinned, therefore fueling the urge to pin more.

If you think all of this sounds absurd & don't see what the big deal could possibly be, try it out. You might just keep pinning. ;-)

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