Friday, February 3, 2012

Time To Get BUSY!!!

I can't believe it's February already! January was super busy & really just seemed to fly by. Hayden & I finally settled into a routine now that the chaos of all her extra Dr. appts. & lab draws are behind us. We still have to see the hearing specialist to make sure that issue is resolved though. And our awesome family doctor, Dr. Schuefler, still wants to see her a bit sooner than the usual well child visits expect. Fine bye me, considering we had a very large possibility of losing her had anything gone differently when my doctor (actually Dr. Curd was out for that whole week, but Dr. Onuora had delivered Paige, so technically he's my doctor too) decided she had to come out early.

And, don't forget, Paige turned 6! & then there was Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day. & then we had Paige's party. Which sadly I missed most of from dealing with a hungry & fussy baby. Pictures to come when I get those too, but there weren't many since Paige always flies through everything.

So after all that, it's time to get busy! On what you ask... Well, 1st, it's Fab Ab February! Now that we're past the restrictions from surgery, it's time to start ditching what's left & toning it up. I've already lost 40 lbs. somehow (not complaining), but I still have 25 to go. Oh & an extra 30 I was working on before I got pregnant. I know it's not all going to come off in February, but we're going to kick it off right. I came across this while pinning (imagine that!) & of course, I was "pinspired". Simple enough & will not take too much time to do. that will pretty much guarantee i'll be able to squeeze an awesome ab workout in daily.

Another focusing factor in February: GPT's!!! What's a GPT? It's a get paid to earn site. Now after all of or January transitions, I still managed to redeem $165 in Amazon gift cards for the month. I'd like to hit $225-$250 for February. Right now I have 3 high dollar cash out sites, a handful that make close 2nd's & many more that offer the occasional cash out. But to me, they're all worth it. I'm sure you'd like to know what these 3 are, right? Well, don't worry, I'll be making separate blog posts for them. As well as all the others!

As well as many more cool things I come across or accomplish. Stay tuned...

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