Monday, October 27, 2014

Musical Monday: Growing Sound

**Disclaimer: I have received products to try from Growing Sound & am simply sharing my personal opinion which may vary from yours. I was not compensated for this review.

October may be Bullying Prevention Month, but really it's something that should have the spotlight all year long. More & more these days, children are being bullied by their peers for the simplest of things. It really makes you wonder how children can be so cruel.

Growing Sound creates award winning music CD's & other resource materials based on the latest research in social-emotional development. They strive to teach kids life skills to prepare children for school & life in general, through fun & interactive songs. Better yet, Growing Sound also works with teachers by conducting training to help implement the positive music into the classroom. After all, it's the impressionable children who pick up on bullying practices, whether it be from their peers or the adults in their lives. 

I received a CD Sampler which boasts fifteen different songs, one from each Growing Sound album. These albums cover a variety of topics, such as confidence, self-control, belonging, mindfulness & creativity, To say that my kids enjoyed this, is a vast understatement. They love any excuse to dance around & sing, but it was amazing to see just how inspired they became. Like after they listened to "A Pink Polka Dotted Tiger" a million times from the album, Imagination Creativity (songs of creativity).

I also received two download cards for the full CD's of "Take Care" & "Everyone Is Someone" by David Kisor, which are specifically dedicated to bully prevention. David Kisor is an accomplished singer, songwriter, composer, performer & teacher. Not to mention the Creative Director for Growing Sound. And all of the songs on both CD's are performed by him & several friends.

"Take Care"

These songs of friendship & social awareness are present in a variety of musical styles & help children develop acceptance, friendship & teamwork. All positive things that can reduce the likelihood of bullying in later stages of childhood. 

"Everyone Is Someone"

These songs of social & emotional responsibility are presented in a contemporary, pop/rock musical style  & are actually more helpful to parents & teachers. They help the development of acceptance, friendship, teamwork, empathy & responsibility both at home & in the classroom. Again, all positive things that can reduce the likelihood of bullying in later stages of childhood. 

I have to say that aside from the silly dancing & singing, the songs on these downloaded CD's are amazing. Especially when my son would tell a story about his classmates, but reference one of the songs & tell me what they should've done instead. (proud mama moment right there!)

Growing Sound (a 501 non-profit) products are also available on iTunes, CD Baby & through assorted retailers. 

To schedule or find out more about a Growing Sound Training/Workshop, email 

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  1. Great series kids need life lessons..

  2. I love this and I know my kids would to. They are big on music.

  3. Oh my -- I love this! I am a piano teacher and played so many types of music for my girls when they were little. It's so valuable for kids.

  4. Sounds like a really beautiful and positive way to teach.

  5. Love this! Kids would learn a lot from this. I'm sure my kids would love to listen to them and dance along too.

  6. I hope these help somehow. I was bullied, my brothers were and I've watched most of my kids go through some too and it just seems like it starts at such a young age. Mostly kids acting out who feel out of control. I wonder if it'll ever stop

  7. Music is a big part of my children's life, this would be awesome! The inspirational song would make a big impact to the listeners.

  8. Sounds like a good gift for a little one! thanks for the tip for holiday shopping :)

  9. Love this way of learning!Great stuff.

  10. I think children are cruel because they don't have the emotional capacity to be emphatic yet. And also because they learn from us adults and from the way we treat people. The songs like this are important because they show that we, adults, care and think it's important to treat others well.

  11. I love the idea of teachable moments through song!!