Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Work It Wednesday: Must Have Summer Accessories

Summer is almost officially here, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't feel like it in some places. Which means it's time to get the most out of your summer wardrobe that most likely consists of shorts, tanks, swimsuits & the occasional summer dress. But let's not forget our summer accessories that easily take even the simplest of outfits (like my fave staple of a white tank & denim shorts) from day to night in no time. All while staying cool of course.

•A great pair of sandals can easily change the look of any outfit! I am in love with these braided brown sandals I picked up last year. They have to be the most comfortable pair I've had in a long time. 

•A sock bun is my go to hair accessory in the summer. With long locks, I like to keep my hair pulled up & a sock bun is the only way I can keep from having to fix my hair every 20 min. Plus it gets bonus points for keeping place during my workouts.

•A silk scarf has to be my newest favorite way to accessorize. It's not an infinity scarf & is much too small to actually tie anywhere - except around my sock bun! 

•A statement necklace (this owl is my favorite) is a great way to accessorize when you're wearing a plain colored top - like my beloved white tank & denim combo. 

•Stud earrings are downright marvelous! (Especially when they happen to be jeweled skulls with pink bows.) Regardless, stud earrings are a definite necessity for any pierced ear. 

•Elastic hair ribbons are not only the perfect way to pull your hair back (they're the most "hair friendly" band out there), but they can also double up as a bracelet when they're not in your tresses. Win, win? I think so!

•Sunglasses! These are my faves that I happened to pick up at Target of all places. Kelsey from Real Reviews by Savvy K happens to be more partial to her Betsey Johnson shades. (P.S. - Sunglasses are the #1 summer accessory amongst my friends. Shocker, I know.)

•Bags, bags & more bags! Emily from Freelance Lady doesn't leave the house without her beach bag (which just so happens to double as a diaper bag). Where as Jacqui from Love. Life. Laughter. Happily Ever After is a Thirty-One girl at heart (not to mention a consultant).

What is your must have summer accessory?


  1. Lip gloss and summer bags that are extra huge are my go to accessory! I love to carry around extra things like books, alternate shoes, and snacks throughout the summer, especially when doing day travels, so it's my go to thing. :)

  2. My Must Haves are sunglasses, my Kindle, and some kind of lip balm. This is an awesome post! I have never heard of a sock bun before.... LOL

  3. I always have sunglasses and lip balm with me where ever I go! I may be adding a few from your list!!

  4. I have to have my phone/laptop and keys.. never know where i will end up..

  5. Not my styles :) but I'll be sure to share with my wife!

  6. Love your style girl!!!!!! Awesome post, Those shoes are perfect for summer ^_^ :D

  7. I am really loving the shoes and the owl pendant is super cute too.

  8. I love the owl necklace! SO CUTE! :)

  9. Fantastic post! My must have is a gorgeous polish ! (=