Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Melissa's Tuna Salad

It was a blustery cold day in NE Ohio today. So what's a crazy mama to do? Turn the heat up a bit, throw on a tank top & make some Tuna Salad (a summertime staple.) Reverse psychology at it's finest folks! Of course making my favorite Pita Bread to go along with my Tuna Salad helped heat things up a bit.

Now, about that Tuna Salad...

You'll need:

•2 cans (or more if you'd like) of tuna
•Mayo, preferably real but Miracle Whip will suffice
•Celery, minced
•Red onion, minced
•Seasoned salt & black pepper

As you can tell it's lacking measurements. Just put in desired amounts based on your liking.

Start by draining the tuna & placing it in a small mixing bowl.

Next up, your desired amount of mayo.

Crunchy celery.

Crunchy (& yummy) red onion. Red is the key word by the way.

Seasoning time!

Stir it all together & perform a taste test. Adjust to your liking.

Grab your Pita Bread (a definite must) & enjoy!


  1. Yummy! can you say lunch this week? lol thank you!!!

  2. I personally do not eat Tuna, but my family loves it, I need to follow your recipe so I don't have to guess at how to make it right