Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013 - German Potato Salad

I've adapted to the Pork & Kraut tradition (for luck) on New Year's. But I like mine more...flavorful. I'm a bit partial to a whole different texture too. So here's my version.

Beer and Brown Sugar Kielbasa & Sauerkraut (courtesy of Brown Eyed Baker) on a whole wheat bun. (*NOTE: This is so good! It literally melts in your mouth. Extra toppings like yellow mustard, diced red onion & sweet pickle relish make it taste amazing.) Along with a side of my German Potato Salad. But who says it should all be limited to New Year's Day? Definitely not me since I make these dishes all year long.

Now, about that German Potato Salad...

You'll need:
•about 6-7 good size potatoes peeled, diced & cooked through (enough for a side of mashed potatoes)
•1/2-3/4 package pepper bacon, chopped
•1 large onion, diced
•1/3 C. white vinegar
•1/4 C. sugar
•1 Tbsp. Dijon mustard
•1 small bunch green onions, chopped
•salt & pepper (not pictured)

In the same pot you cooked your potatoes in, add your chopped bacon. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally.

When bacon begins to crisp a bit, add diced onion. Cook until onions become translucent.

In a small bowl, thoroughly mix the vinegar, sugar & Dijon mustard.

Add to the bacon mixture & bring to a boil.

Add potatoes & stir together thoroughly until heated.

Just before serving, add green onions, salt & pepper.

Give it a good stir & Enjoy!

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