Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Consultant of the Month: Jacqulin Crites-Rini & Thirty One

I'm so excited! This is our first month to feature an independent sales consultant & their wonderful company. For May, you will meet Jacqulin Crites-Rini, an enthusiastic consultant for Thirty One. But it's not just about the product, even though they are wonderful (I'm thinking I could definitely use a large utility tote!). You also get to know her on a more personal level, which really does make the whole Thirty One experience that much better. On that note, here you go!

I am an extremely happy mother of one and soon to be wife of my best friend and first teenage crush Michael. I have been very fortunate to be able to stay at home with our son after years of being a career focused sales representative.  I love spending time with my amazing family and friends.
I started with 31 last August. I had one bag from them that a friend picked out for me at a show she was going to. I bought the large utility tote and little did I know I would be selling it a little over a year later. My sister became a consultant in January of 2011 and planted the "seed" right away. I had a show in March that triggered my love and addiction for the entire 31 line. I knew I wanted to sell it I was super excited and passionate about it. There was a recruiting freeze because the company has grown so much they had to hire more on the production end before recruiting more to sell. By August I received the invite to join and I have been ecstatic with my results!! I am now a senior consultant and one lovely lady away from becoming a Director.
I absolutely love 31!! The amount of support and encouragement not only from corporate but up my line is awesome! I love what the company stands for and the values and integrity they show throughout everything they do. Plus this product sells itself! I have so many people that call to order for gifts and for themselves. The items are practical, original, and useful!! I think what drew me to 31 initially was the ability to personalize your bag!

I have too many favorite products...I truly love them all!! I will highlight a few.

The large utility tote is what started my 31 craze. This tote can be used for so many different things. The pool, a day trip, groceries, laundry and really a ton more. Many consultants from other home based sales companies use the large utility to transport their products to their shows.

Thermal tote. One of 31's most popular items. Many people use this for a lunch tote and its common amongst teachers, students as well as nurses. I use mine to keep snacks and drinks cool for the pool, zoo or other activities.


Another favorite is the mini utility bin (pictured in center) These make great gifts and are very versatile as well. They can be uses to store toys, Easter baskets, to hold a potted plant for mothers day, label it beauty bin and use it for hairsprays & brushes. The ideas are endless.

For the month of May spend 31 and the all in one organizer is only 5.00. These can be used to hold file folders, toys for the car, CD's, DS with games, remote controls and other living room items, magazines for the pool, coloring and activities for the kids or other ideas you may come up with.

Also, for all new consultants who join from now until May 31st, have an opportunity to earn their kit investment back. When a consultant submits $1000 in personal volume (super simple) in the first 30 days they receive the 99 kit cost back! So basically you have gotten over $300 in 31 products for free and have started a business for FREE! This is on top of an incentive that already exists to earn more free product in your first 90 days. This is an awesome opportunity to begin your own business with 31! And although you may have heard of 31 you are part of the 1% that has. There is so much potential to share 31 with people I have not done a show yet where at least one person has never heard of 31!

Jacqulin Crites-Rini
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