Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sleek & Shine, All the Time

Don't you love it when you manage a good hair day? Even better is 2 or 3 a week right? Well, how would you like to have them all the time? (Or at least close to it.) Yea, yea, yea. You want to know what magical concoction you'll have to apply at 8 p.m., under a full moon, while singing Madonna songs? How about you just try some Garnier Fructis & call it a night, mkay?

Yes, that's right. I said Garnier Fructis. I got to try out the Sleek & Shine because I'm a BzzAgent (yes I know you've heard that before), but they have other formulas too. (Pure Clean, Color Shield & Body Boost just to name a few.) But the Sleek & Shine was right up my alley! My hair got dull over the years, had flyway's & was just an overall pain to style. Now it's shiny all day long (without ever feeling weighed down), very little to no flyway's (depending on the humidity) & I haven't had so many good hair days since I was pregnant!!! And trust me, I'd rather change my shampoo & conditioner than be knocked up again, LOL!

But there's more, you can get beautiful hair & help the environment at the same time. How? Garnier Fructis now comes in an easy to open, lightweight, Eco-Fructis bottles which contain 30% recycled plastic. And they have also teamed up with TerraCycle which upcycles or recycles your wasted beauty product containers into various products (like a trash can or soap dispenser).

How about that! Beautiful hair, beautiful planet. What's not to love? i guess you'll have to try it out for yourself. So, as an extra little push nudge, be sure to print this coupon. And don't forget to "like" GarnierUSA on facebook, you never know what goodies you may find there. To learn more about Garnier, you can go here and here.

After you try it, be sure to stop by my facebook page and let me know how you liked it.
Shine on. Bzz on.

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