Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Earth Day!!

How would you like to help make a difference & be entered into an awesome sweepstakes? You would love it, I'm sure. Well guess what! You can!!

The great people at SheSpeaks told me about the Take a Load Off Sweepstakes & now I'm going to tell you! (See how that works?!).

Brought to you by Tide and P&G's Future Friendly Program, Take a Load Off is simple, yet revolutionary. Wash your clothes in Tide Coldwater, that's it. Specifically formulated to give your clothes a deep down clean in cold water & save energy at the same time.  Heating water for your laundry counts for up to 80% of energy per load in the U.S. Translation: Switching to cold water for 1 year saves enough energy to watch 1363 HOURS of TV. That's a big difference for such a small act!!

So what's the Sweepstakes for? A Maytag Bravo XL (HE) top load washer & dryer! And of course a 1 year supply of Tide Coldwater! Just head on over to the Future Friendly FB page & promise to switch to cold water washings. You can also do it daily since 1 winner will be chosen every week until May 13th.

No go! Enter & make a difference not only for you, but for the planet!!

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