Thursday, March 1, 2012

We Love Pancakes

Ok, so I'm blogging this a bit later than I had intended. But in my defense, the sickies invaded my house. I played "Superhero Mom" , & kicked some arse! But unfortunately, they left their mark on me & I am now stricken with this annoying cough. Which I will gladly take over the "choking on air" style cough I had only days prior. But, eh, what's a mom to do?...

So, anywho, pancakes. We love us some pancakes in this house. Especially the kids. Well, the older two since Hayden is only a few months old. But, ironically, I love my kids too! (Shocking, I know!) Well, I found a GREAT way to show my kids I love them, while giving them something they love.
I was able to do this with this wonderful Pancake Pen I found on Simply make your pancake batter however you prefer, transfer to the Pancake Pen & create. & when you need to, simply turn it upside down for a bit & the batter will make it's way to the top. Piece of (pan)cake!
& the kids absolutely LOVED it! They thought it was so cool. However, now I'm going to have to learn some skills so that I can be Picasso on the griddle. ;-)

Paige, age 6
Damien, age 2

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