Friday, March 30, 2012

Smarterer Strikes Again!

I know I've mentioned this once or twice, but I'm a BzzAgent. That means I get to try some really cool products & share my thoughts on them with everybody.

Lately I've been testing my knowledge on Smarterer. I've done this campaign before but, uh, I wasn't very smart. Now I've picked up a few things & did quite well. I answered enough questions correctly to get some cool new badges for BzzAgent, Blogger, Facebook & Twitter. (I attempted a bit of HTML, but gave up rather quickly. Like 2 questions quickly.) So I probably could have done better, but I only answered so many questions before I was distracted by the kids. But here are my scores anyways:

    BzzAgent - 268 to 544

    Facebook - 199 to 606

    Blogger - 163 to 466

    Twitter - completely forgot to look before I started to 720

Smarterer has tests spread over various topics. Some of the standard tests include: blogging, social media, browsers & web development. There's also a place where you can make your own questions. I'm assuming that's where these came into play: 90's music, knitting, anatomy, TV & movies. (The Goonies & SOA are on my list to take.)

& it's all based on an 800 point scale with badges awarded per level.
  • Beginner - less than 300 points (just that, a beginner)
  • Familiar - 300 to 449 points (basic knowledge)
  • Proficient - 450 to 699 points (comfortable) 
  • Expert - 700 to 779 (fluent)
  • Master - 780 points or more (pro)
Sounds pretty serious huh? No, not really. The questions are timed & if you get one wrong or your time runs out you lose points. That's what makes it fun! You'd be amazed at how much adrenaline starts flowing. & how many you get wrong even though you know the answer!

So go ahead & try it. Head over to Smarterer, take a few tests & earn a few badges. Then come back& let me know how you did!

                                  "Redefining the skills section on everyone's resume."

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