Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hooray for Johnny!

As a KD parent, I know firsthand some of the trials & tribulations other KD families endure. We are a tight knit community that is always there for one another. We can be a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen. The distance between us does not matter. In actuality, we are one.

Yesterday was a good day for us. News quickly spread that Johnny, a KD survivor, had been cleared to STOP his aspirin therapy after being on it for quite some time. The instant I heard that I wanted to hug both him & his mother, Linda, although we have never actually met. That is the bond we all share.

Today I wanted to keep the celebration going. Everyone is invited to congratulate Johnny & his family in the comment section below.

                    HOORAY FOR JOHNNY!!                           

*Read Johnny's KD story here. For more information on Kawasaki Disease, please visit The Faces of Kawasaki Disease & The Kawasaki Disease Foundation 


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  1. WTG Johnny, prayers for you and your family