Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fun Friday: Christmas Tree Toothpick Frills

I'm a firm believer in the saying "it's the little things that count". And, it doesn't get much littler than these Christmas Tree Toothpick Frills! But you should know, that they get BIG reactions - most notably when they're topping a double chocolate & caramel filled muffin for breakfast. 

These are super simple to make & just require some toothpicks, green construction paper or cardstock & Elmer's glue. 

• Cut a strip of your paper & then cut fringes in it. 
• Starting near the bottom of your toothpick, begin wrapping the paper around a couple of times before gluing it in place & cutting away the excess strip.
• Repeat for several layers, making sure that the last layer covers the top part of the toothpick. 
• Take another toothpick to carefully curl the ends up slightly.  

*Note: If you'd like, you can also add colored dots as ornaments, & two gold star stickers at the top of the tree (one on each side).


  1. Cute and easy - I love it!! Pinned it to try! :)

  2. So CUTE! Thanks for the idea - my son and I will try it this weekend.