Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Beautiful Incentives: The "I Love Me" Giveaway

Since I've really gotten into this world of blogging, I've also discovered a world of Giveaways. Which is quite nice if you win (although not a big deal if you don't). I tend to think of it all more as a game, like Candyland if you will. You see some really neat things along the way in hopes to make it to the end. If you don't, you just play again. Or maybe it's the whole Valentine's Day celebration which has me thinking of candy (thus Candyland). 

Anyways, as I was meaning to say before I flashed back to my childhood, there's some pretty awesome giveaways going on right now with a Valentine's Day theme. Coincidentally, I just so happen to know of one. 

The "I Love Me" Giveaway

Presented by: Beautiful Incentives

"Welcome! This is where I want my readers to relax and enjoy low entry giveaways in all things comforting & pampering for Valentines Day. I've put together a bunch of items that I thought you guys would appreciate and get a lot of use from. This is jam packed with more than one winner for several of them, so your chances are much greater!" 

Please Scroll down to see the prizes and enter the Giveaway tools below! 

Eye of Horus: Pamper yourself with high end cruelty free cosmetics. See the REVIEW to find out how unique and beautiful this line is! 

Thermal Aid: Sooth your aching muscles and chronic pain with this deeply penetrating hot & cold pack! See the REVIEW on how it can help you! 

          KIND Bars: Treat yourself to healthy snacks! See the REVIEW on how great these are for you!

Smushion Cushion: Rest your tired sore feet on this comfy cushion while you watch TV or read.
See the REVIEW about how comfy this is!


Treat your body to some very unique and healthy foods & vitamins! See the REVIEW on the HUGE variety they have in store for you!

So go on & show yourself some love! And while you're at it, visit Beautiful Incentives on Facebook & be sure you say "Thank You" for such a wonderful giveaway!

*Giveaways will conclude on Thursday, February 21st, beginning at 9:00 PM est

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