Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Busy SAHM's Guide to Working It

Let's face it, you can chase after kids all day long, but it's not the kind of workout you need. But then there's the problem of the kids constantly running around leaving you little to no time of a good workout. My trick: make it count when you can.

I find myself either getting up extra early (depending on the amount of cooperation at bedtime the night prior) or simply doing what I can, when I can. Like when the kids are playing nice in the bedroom, it becomes crunch time. Or leg time. Or arm time. Or, well, you get the point. It may take me the course of a whole day to get in my workout, but as long as I get it in, I'm a happy girl.

12 Minute Ab Workout consists of windshield wipers, bicycle crunches & side plank lifts (both sides)
•basic crunches with a stability ball

•basic push-ups

•basic squats
•jumping jacks

*Goal is at least 2 workouts from each category

And for those moments that I actually have time to workout, I pop in a DVD or VHS (yes, I still have those).

Great workout in just over 10 minutes!
I love this!
I have to tell you, the warm-up kicks my butt!
Nothing like dancing some 90's moves to remind you how cool you are!
Even cooler with two!

And one little thing I've learned is to always change it up. Do something different every day. When a move becomes super easy, find something harder. You have to make it count remember...


  1. Great advice and I love knowing your workout dvd recommendations are ones you actually use and like.

  2. WOW! Awesome tips. I so need to start doing this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. great advice :)

  4. Great tips for a SAHM!! Love this

  5. yelp i really need to be doing this all the time my belly ugh

  6. Thank you for sharing these great tips. I need to start working out. Thanks for the great advice

  7. Seriously great tips (and some motivation) Thank you!

  8. Thanks for the post! I need to motivate myself to get off my couch more often! I'm always so tired!!

  9. Awesome. I have no energy ironically they say a little workout helps /w that!