Thursday, June 14, 2012

Filippo Berio Olive Oil - Truly Beneficial

With summer almost "officially" here, everyone wants to eat healthy. Without sacrificing taste of course. Well how would you like to not only do all of that, BUT...(dramatic pause) heart healthy too? As a mom to a KD (Kawasaki Disease) kid (Paige, 6yrs), you know I'm all over that! Without knowing any future effects, there's certain things we take a slight precaution to. Cholesterol being one of them.

So now you can understand why I was so excited to get the Filippo Berio Olive Oil BzzKit from being a BzzAgent. I got a bottle of Filippo Berio (of course), pamphlets of useful facts & recipes, a jar opener (my new BFF), a substitution chart on a magnet (my other new BFF) & some coupons for my friends & family. Definitely one of my favorite BzzKits to try for free (BzzAgents are cool like that), seeing as how it strikes such a personal note. (Thanks BzzAgent!)

Ok, back to the facts. Cholesterol, when an excess amount accumulates in the blood stream & arteries, the chance for a heart attack or stroke is much higher. Kawasaki Disease directly affects the heart, mainly by causing aneurysms. Two different blockages, not good. That's where the healthy benefits of olive oil come in. Olive oil is a good fat, (we'll keep it basic) which actually helps to lower bad cholesterol. Yes, there's a good cholesterol which is actually essential.

So come to find out after a little research, Filippo Berio (real person) was a connoisseur of olive oil. Taking it very seriously by testing everything sold under his name. Which makes it no wonder why the Filippo Berio brand takes the Mediterranean Diet to heart (pun intended). Of course, being that the main component is a high olive oil consumption. Their site is full of facts, helpful tips, cooking videos, recipes & my favorite - the substitution chart.

You can use olive oil in anything! Breads, cakes, stir fry, salads, as a marinade, anything. What a great way to indulge in rich flavor while helping your heart! 

So go on, sign up for their newsletter & register for a coupon now. Then pick one of their amazing recipes & fall in love. Make the switch for your family's heart health today. I did!

Go to The Faces of Kawasaki Disease to learn more

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