Monday, July 9, 2012

That "A-Ha" Moment

So, have you ever attempted something but had it fail? Of course you have, you're human. But, did you then have your epiphany? Your "a-ha" moment if you will. Well, this is mine.

Let's face it, this blog just isn't cutting it. Not like I had intended it to anyways. But now that I've had my "a-ha" moment, it's going to be transformed over the next few weeks. Not only will the overall look change (once I brush up on some HTML basics of course), but my main concept is too.

Smith and Blessings will now be about my life as a SAHM. No, you're not going to be subject to my kid's milestones (although Hayden did just get her 1st TWO teeth! *wink wink*) But if I find any helpful or awesome products, I'll share a review. Delicious recipes, fun crafts, great GPT or freebie sites, helpful tips... You get the gist of it.

So on that note, I leave you with this cute little sign I happened across while doing a search on Bing Rewards


  1. yay! I've been trying to figure out what I'm doing with my blog too... I'm too scattered to focus on one thing... hence the title >.<

    1. You're doing all the things that caffeine gives you the magical powers to do so! Sound good? ;-)