Thursday, April 19, 2012

An Apple A Day...

We've all heard that saying "An apple a day, will keep the doctor away". And I have to admit we eat a lot of apples in my house. Not to keep the doctor away necessarily, but because we all love them. Apple slices & Nutella anyone?

But what do you do when you have an abundance of apples & suddenly no one wants any? My solutions, make applesauce & a simmer pot.

Start with the applesauce:

  • core, peel & slice your apples (save the peels for your simmer pot)
  • place in a large pot with enough water to cover the bottom
  • cook over medium heat until apples are "mushy"
  • add a small amount of margarine or a sprinkling of cinnamon if desired
*You can leave as is for a chunkier sauce, or use a potato masher for a smoother consistency.

Now, about those peels...

I have one of those mini crock pots, you know, the kind specifically for dips. Well, just add your apple peels & a pinch of cinnamon or a cinnamon stick with a bit of water & turn it on. I've also added some orange peels & whole cloves before. If you don't have a mini crock pot, don't fret. Just use a small pot on your stove top over low heat. 

But no matter how you make it, your house will smell yummy without buying those fancy schmancy plug-ins. And you can experiment with other ingredients too. I wonder what banana peels & almond extract would smell like. Maybe banana nut bread?!

I know you're going to go get a HUGE bag of apples right now...don't forget the Nutella!

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