Monday, February 3, 2014

BARE® Body Collection

I love coffee. Especially when it comes to starting my day. There's just something about that first bitter brew that seems to awaken the senses. Or so I always thought. Now I've discovered a new way to enjoy my morning coffee.

This Coffee Face & Body Scrub by BARE® Body Collection definitely had my interest piqued! So I was ecstatic when Martha Choy, the creative genius behind BARE® Body Collection, was kind enough to send me some. Along with several other goodies from her 280+ product line (that just so happens to be blended in her NY garden apartment by Martha herself).

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The coffee grounds act as a balancing astringent since they have a pH equal to that of our skin, while fine grain pure dead sea salt exfoliates. I had the intentions of using this as a facial scrub a couple times a week, until the day I ran out of body wash mid-shower. I reached for this instead of using the kids wash & had an intoxicating experience (in a manner of speaking of course). I absolutely loved how fresh my skin looked & felt. But there was just one slight problem - the peppermint, spearmint, rosemary & sweet orange essential oils left me feeling awake & energized. OK, that's not really a problem, unless it's 10:30 at night & you just wanted a quick shower before bed. So now I enjoy this Coffee Face & Body Scrub after my morning yoga for a perfect way to start my day! 

The BARE® Naked Bag Blaster is an under eye cream that was made just for me! Not really, but I like to think so. You see, I always have puffy eyes & for years I've used a little trick that I caught on Aaron Spelling's Model's Inc. in the 90's - hemorrhoid cream. But I have to say, something that is meant to go on your eyes instead of something meant to go...yea, it works much better. (And I don't get those crazy looks when I mention it.)

So what is it about the BARE® Naked Bag Blaster that works so well? Caffeine! (See, it can be good for you too.) Caffeine helps flush excess fluid in tissue when applied to the skin, so naturally it will help reduce puffy eyes. Add in aloe vera gel, shea butter, olive, almond & avocado oils for a downright soothing treatment! I even apply a bit to my upper lids to not only help with my all over puffy eyes, but to use as a primer too. 

Shea butter is amazing at healing eczema, stretch marks & even rough, dry skin. Add in a Coconut Lime Verbena scent that makes you wish it was the middle of a heat wave instead of this polar vortex crap... Well, let's just say that my dry elbows will be ready for summer when it finally comes. All thanks to this handy dandy tin of Coconut Lime Verbena Shea Butter.

I may or may not be slightly obsessed about any product that goes on your lips. I've got balms, glosses & sticks, but had never heard of liqueurs (for your lips, not to drink) until now. The Crème de Menthe Lip Liqueur is made with beeswax, which means that it doesn't need reapplied 456135135131 times a day. Of course with the Crème de Menthe, I wouldn't mind if it did. But one application before my lipstick does make my lips look & feel extra good. 

As you can see by the big indent in the Hot Chocolate Chip Mint BARE® Lip Booster, I'm kinda in love. And no, it's not just because it's Hot Chocolate Chip Mint, although that was what drew me in at first. Creamy vanilla, white chocolate, mint, raw sugar cane & pepper make...wait a minute, pepper?! Yea, that's the booster part. Pepper helps dilate the blood vessels in your lips, which in turn makes your lips fuller. Move over Angelina!

I love soaking in the tub, especially in some luxurious bubble bath that leaves my skin feeling silky soft. But my reality is everyone banging on the door for one reason or another. So when I do get to take a hot bath, it's usually short lived. Which is OK if I add a bit of this Coconut Lime Verbena Bath & Massage Oil to the water. Even though I don't get to "escape" for very long, my skin is silky soft like I just came from the spa. Now if only I could get the massage part...

The Bare-ly Legal Body Butter has to be one of the best body butters I've ever tried. The vegan blend of beeswax & Borax moisturizes, dries quickly & smells amazing. With hints of white gardenia, jasmine & orange blossom, this body butter screams summer. Actually, I'm already planning on this being one of my summer staples. 

I have never used solid perfume before so I had no clue what to expect from these gems. But being that they're made without alcohol, the scent lasts a lot longer. And you can easily place them on all of the "suggested" spots, like behind the ears (I never understood that one).

The BARE-ly Legal Solid Perfume will most likely be a partner in crime to the body butter this summer (I love that light floral scent). But I have a special place for BARE® Ecstasy Solid's called date night. A feminine musk with a hint of jasmine, this solid perfume screams mystery to me. I'm not sure why, but paired with the perfect LBD & stilettos, I would probably refer to myself as a femme fatale. Keep moving Angelina!

Just so the guys don't feel left out, Martha made a line for men too! (Guys, say Thank You.) Hubs loves this Pine Cedar Beard Blaster, a shaving cream made with beeswax. The beeswax almost acts as a protective barrier, which gives a close shave with virtually no effort at all. But the part I like is that he doesn't need to pile on the aftershave when he uses this. 

All of the BARE® Body Collection products are made without harsh preservatives or synthetic fragrances. Not to mention they're all tested on Martha's friends & family, not animals. So what are you waiting for? Dare to be BARE®. 

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**Disclaimer: I have received products to try from BARE® Body Collection & am simply sharing my personal opinion which may vary from yours. I was not compensated for this review.


  1. Those look like some awesome products! I really love body scrub! :)

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  7. By putting perfume on pulse points, you help it magnify and amplify the scent. Source:

    1. I guess behind the ears makes sense now. Thanks Sarah!

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